Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Crown Princess Deck Log:
Noon position: Alongside in Copenhagen
Wind: Light Airs
Sky: Cloudy
Temperature: 59 F

We woke up in the SAS Royal Radisson Hotel in Copenhagen this morning. The room is small, but very nice - furnished in the sparse Danish style. Our room had what might have been the world's softest bed.

Last evening after dinner at the Cafe Royal, Dick and Bill went for a walk looking for a cache called "Rysensteen". They found it, but it was so high up that Bill had to give Dick a boost to reach it!
May 19 by basswoodbend (1762 found)
It was 31 hours since we had been to bed when we searched for this cache following a long cramped flight from the US. We are beginning a cruising vacation in the Baltic and hope to find a cache at each stop. This search would have been unsuccessful had it not been for a shouted alert from the cache owner. We signed the log and left our coin which we have named Denmark. Thanks for the help and thanks for the cache

We had the breakfast buffet at the Cafe Royal, too. We didn't really have a choice -nothing opens until 10 a.m.! The hotel has some great new coffee machines which dispense your coffee one cup at a time - you can select either regular or decaf. It was fun to watch people try to figure out how to use the machines.

The city of Copenhagen is loaded with bicycles! There are bicycles everywhere - at the train stations there must be thousands of bikes lined up six deep. There are big bike lanes on all the streets - and everybody rides. We were totally amazed.
We just had time to do a short bus tour of Copenhagen, with a stop at the Little Mermaid.

Then we caught the Princess bus to the ship. The boarding was the easiest yet, except for the gal who had trouble scanning our new passports, but that was very minor.

Our stateroom is nice - small, but with a balcony and a huge closet! We were surprised and pleased. We all had lunch at the buffet on the Lido deck, and drinks in the Piazza Atrium, listening to the string quartet play light pop! We met servers Anna and Biljana from Macedonia, the first of many Macedonian kids that we met.

The lifeboat drill was at 5:15 p.m. - and it was the easiest one yet, too! We didn't even have to go on deck - just learned where to go and how to don the life jacket, and that was it!

We had more drinks in the atrium before dinner - listened to the string quartet again. They are quite good. This time they played "Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring". We did the Anytime Dining in the dining room - shared our table with a couple from near Quebec City. Dick and I went to bed early - Jan went to the Casino!

Bill, Jan and Dick in downtown Copenhagen:

Here we go on a sightseeing tour:
The Little Mermaid is a must-see:
We took this bike picture for Tom. It's in the Copenhagen Visitor Center.