Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Our Day

Dental side effects are a bother, so we're off to see the dentist.  I have a new dentist since Dr. Kevin retired.  Her name is Christina Mazzola, and I think she is Dr. Kevin's niece.  She was very helpful and compassionate, and she gave me a lot of treatment options, and free samples.  (Note to self: PreviDent toothpaste, Rincinol mouth rinse, soft bristle brush).  She explained that the chemo attacks fast growing cells. Mouth tissues are fast growing, and that's why there is sensitivity.

While Dick was waiting for me in the waiting room, an older gentleman came in and took a seat.  Turned out it was Gov. Milliken!  We've seen him around town a couple of other times.  Our other local sightings include Michael Moore and Gordie Howe :)

We went to Eastfield and picked up our laundry.  That's our new routine!

Max's serviceman came out this afternoon to try replacing another switch.  Do I have to tell you what happened?  Just let me say that we'll be visiting Eastfield Laundromat again next Monday.  The repairman said he has talked to GE Tech, and they know about our dryer.  He'll be talking to them again to see what to try next.  One thing that's being tried is our patience.

A little grocery shopping, and that's been our day.