Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Bee Well

Jana is still in the hospital and very uncomfortable.  I spoke to her shortly after 7 a.m.  She was unhappy and still having too much pain.  Her breakfast arrived while we were talking, so we planned to talk later.  Meanwhile, around 8:30 Laurie was on the phone with Jana when the Doctor came in - this is Laurie's report:
I was talking to Jana this morning and luckily one of her doctors walked in to give her an update. Jana put the Doctor on speaker and we received her updated plan of action.  
Jana has been on antibiotics for almost 48 hours with no improvement in her condition. After palpitating her stomach today it is more distended. Pain level has not improved. White cell count has not improved. The source of infection is unknown. 
 This next part I'm unclear on as I was driving home from carpool and didn't think of questions till afterward. They feel the cystic mass is causing the pain. The Dr. mentioned it was the size of an orange. The team is planning on draining the mass tomorrow. They feel it has fluid in it but she did say it could be solid and have no fluid. After retrieving the fluid it will be analyzed and I don't know what happens then. I also don't know if all the infection fluid? ( don't know proper name) is in the mass. Jana asked if it could burst but the Doctor said no if I remember correctly.   
There was no discussion of a release date. The doctor gave me the impression that the team will decide what to do next after they have examined the fluid. So unless there is a change in Jana's condition, she will spend a very long uncomfortable painful day in the hospital. The Doctor wants her to be ambulatory so no knock out pain killer. So basically there will be no new news until the mass fluid is examined. That is all for now.
Love you,
We are all very concerned about Jana's condition and so sorry that she's going through this.