Saturday, December 22, 2012

More Shopping and Hello Tom!

Christmas shopping is so much fun.  Today we went up to shop in St. Lucie, at Bed Bath and Beyond, and Pier 1.  Laurie bough candles.  Dick and I bought another Christmas gift, and some stocking stuffers!  The Christmas things are so beautiful, and each store has items that are unique.

Chip bought subs at Publix and chips for our lunch.  Peyton and Dylan were very busy playing all kinds of games.

C & L bought a solar blanket for their pool, because they use a heater now that the days are chilly here.  The solar blanket traps the heat in the water and saves electricity.  It was huge and unwieldy, but by the time we left, Chip had it trimmed to fit the pool perfectly!  The shape of their pool is officially called the pregnant kidney bean.

Jana was supposed to fly in this afternoon, but she's not feeling well and is going to try a flight tomorrow.  We're hoping she'll be here by around noon tomorrow.

Tom will be here this evening, if all goes well.  We'll soon have a full complement of Steigers in Palm City!

Chip is working and will be gone on Christmas Day.  We'll be having Christmas on the 26th, after our sailboat adventure!