Thursday, October 09, 2008

Monty Python Strikes Again

Have you ever watched the old TV show Monty Python's Flying Circus? It was so sunny, funny, entertaining, memorable and a little bit strange, being British.

Have you ever watched Sean Hannity? Out of the adjectives used above, he is merely strange, being terminally and disturbingly conservative and egotistical.

Last night on TV, Keith Olbermann read this poem, which was written by John Cleese of Monty Python fame. Hearing it is probably funnier than reading it, but I thought it was so clever and funny that I couldn't pass it up:

by John Cleese

Aping urbanity,

Oozing with vanity,

Plump as a manatee,

Faking humanity,

Journalistic calamity,

Intellectual inanity,

Fox Noise insanity,

You’re a profanity,


Talked to Laurie this morning - Dylan fell on his head and got a huge bump on his forehead, but he's OK - no harm done.

Dick and I went geocaching in a northerly direction - mostly in Livingston County. We had lunch in Hamburg, but we ate corned beef.

Nine caches were uncovered - one virtual and eight regular. Again, we had perfect weather - an absolutely beautiful day.

We had fun in the Hudson Mills Metropark - there was a large group of small children, wearing uniforms, together with several adults and the park naturalist. They walked around the park from place to place - when we first saw them they were examining little fish and water bugs in big tubs of water on picnic tables.

Some of the caches were in a new Metropark - so new that the entrance is down a dirt road. It's called Huron Meadows Metropark - but it's so rural, it takes the "metro" out of metropark! It's a terrific place, and seems to be popular - there was a lot of activity there today. It's near Brighton.