Monday, June 23, 2014

Goodbye DNFs

Dropped off our laundry.  Makes for an easy wash day.  (Expensive)

Also, Casey came out with a lady and a dog named Pericles :)  He wants to borrow the log splitter - he has some trees down on some property or other.  Since nobody else wanted the log splitter, Dick told Casey he could have it.  He'll be back later with a trailer to haul it away.

Found it 06/23/2014You found  Harold's SistaVisit Log
We managed to erase two DNF's today. Given the data that the cords are about 60ft off, we searched on each side without success and were about to give up when the better 1/2 pointed out what might be a clue in the description. It was. Made the find, signed the log and put it back in the tree. Took 3 sets of cords and our Garmin 62s showed the location to be - 40.154 and 29.958
Found it 06/23/2014You found  Going to the DOGSVisit Log
Well it turns out that our math was correct and the cords were right on. We learned that seeking this cache on a sunny weekend afternoon is not the best choice. There are times when this is muggle heaven. Today was much better, it was raining and the sprinklers were on so we had the place to ourselves. Signed the log and replaced as found. We had a TB that we had hoped to drop off but it just visited.