Saturday, May 19, 2007

Shelly's Wedding Day

Before the festivities, we met at Scot's for dinner with some of the out-of-towners
- John, Sharon, Doug, Odette, Tom, Kevin, Amy, and Derek. It was great
- we had a nice view of the harbor - and the food is always good at
Scot's. At the end we were surprised because Sharon and John picked up
the tab for everyone! What a special treat - thanks John and Sharon! It
was splendid.

The wedding was a private ceremony at Shelly's
house with only immediate family there. There wasn't a best man or a
bridesmaid, but there were three adorable flower girls. The reception
was for all of us - and what a great party it was!

Tom was here from San Diego, Kevin and Amy came from Phoenix, Derek from
Minneapolis, Dave and Beth from Indiana, and Doug,Odette,Roger and
Megan from Rochester Hills, John and Sharon from Lansing - and of course Peter and Melissa from Kalamazoo.

The DJ was great (I love that country music), the dancing was such fun to watch, and the company was outstanding. Lauren and Fay really got into the spirit of things on the dance floor - I enjoyed watching them almost more than anything. The report was that when Lauren (pre-school) was put to bed she said, "I could have danced
all night long!" Brooke, Autumn and Lydia were dancing up a storm too -
those children really had a good time.

I especially enjoyed talking to Odette, Adam, Peter, Kevin and all of the Steigers at our table and the neighboring table - which was also full of Steigers.

Shelly and Chris seemed to be having a great time - as time went by, Chris took off his white shirt, and underneath was wearing a shirt that said "Under New Ownership". It cracked us up.

There was an after-glow at Shelly's and Tom went over there - I think it was 2:30 when John brought him home.