Sunday, October 31, 2010

All Treat, No Trick

Lovely day for geocaching, so we ventured out in our new toy to try some. We didn't make it into the woods, but we had a good time just driving around. First we found two caches, and then we spent the rest of the time driving around town enjoying all of the little trick or treaters in their great costumes.

My favorite was a skeleton costume - that doesn't sound very original, but this person actually looked like a real skeleton - it was a great costume. Second favorites were all of the little girls in pretty pink pincess costumes. Some of them looked like real medieval princesses, and their conical hats even had chiffon coming out of the top. They were all very sweet.

Our first cache was in Grace MacDonald Park. We had the place to ourselves. I think everybody else was at home getting dressed up or at the grocery store stocking up on candy!

10/31/2010 You found Cache to Eagle #12 Scenic Trails-Bay Trails Dist
Out for a ride on Halloween afternoon. Brought back many memories. 60 years ago I was a proud and loyal member of Troop 36. Time spent at Camp Greilick was always fun, both camp week in the summer and the Klondike Derby in the winter. Having the field dedicated to Bert Zagers also brought back memories, none good. As the star of the Cadillac HS football team he ran over us.
Took a badge, left a bottle of hand sanitizer. TFTC

The second cache was at the Heidbreder Trails - nice day for a hike.

10/31/2010 You found "Back" to our Roots Visit Log
A nice brisk walk and a quick find on Halloween afternoon. Thanks for the hunt.