Sunday, March 04, 2007

Vette Ville

Leaving Michigan today. we were impressed with the Indiana Toll Road. Several times we saw signs that said "Animal present when flashing":. OK, we figured out that the mini-towers had solar powered motion detectors on them so that if deer were about to cross the highway, you would get a warning. It was a very elaborate, extensive set-up, so they must have a significant deer problem.. We did see one deer browsing in a field.

We picked up an Indiana cache in a cemetery south of Anderson. Along I-65 we saw signs that said "Alert when flashing". What about when it's not flashing? Is that when it's OK to daydream? And alert for what, exactly.... When we entered Kentucky the snow disappeared. They claim to have had some, but there's no evidence.

Both Indiana and Kentucky have a preponderence of museums, flea markets, and scrapbooking stores. Especially museums. Several of the museums are Corvette museums - along the way down I-65 I think we saw five Corvette museums. The grand-daddy of them all is here in Bowling Green, Kentucky. This one claims to be the National Corvette Museum The others must be just lame wannabes. GM must be proud.

Our AAA trip-tik has a special notification on the map near Bowling Green - it says that State Police surveillance is increased in this area because of several recent fatal accidents. Are they implying that we should be worried about the surveillance, or about the fatal accidents.....hmmm.. There are so many 18 wheelers on the road here that it's easy to see why there may be many accidents. They are sometimes quite intimidating - to me at least.

In Bowling Green Subie got a much needed car wash, and we found a cache at (where else?) the National Corvette museum. In the parking lot we ran into a young local cacher. We forgot to get his name. He hadn't been able to find the cache, but after he left Dick found it in about 10 minutes. Hooray.
There's a road sign near our motel that points the way to Louisville, Nashville, and Scottsville. Many, many 'Villes and not one Burg.

Dinner was at Toot's, which turned out to be a sports bar. .. a loud sports bar. The people weren't loud, but the TV volume sure was. They had a sign on the door that said " The quiet place is across the street." The waitresses were cute, friendly, and Southern. Another sign on the door said "Members and non-Members only."