Thursday, March 01, 2012

February at Home

When you've been away for two months, all of your appointments pile up in the month that you return. I've been to the eye doctor, dermatologist, primary care doctor and the dentist - all in February. I feel absolutely totally checked out, which is a good thing.

 Traverse City always knows how to have fun in the winter. During Winter WOWfest we enjoyed looking at the snow sculptures and the ice sculptures.

How clever to put a lens made of ice out in front of the Camera Shop - this was my overall favorite"

I love this choo choo - kind of symbolic of The Spirit of Traverse City, which will no longer be in operation around the old zoo.

You might think that this tic-tac-toe sculpture would be a weak one that wouldn't last very long - but amazingly enough it is still standing now, 10 days later!

The Diamond - do you suppose that this is why they call diamonds "ice"?