Monday, July 07, 2014

A Lemony Day

First we dropped in on Ed.  It was good to see him - he has retired now, and seems relaxed and happy with his life.  We left some Don and Dawn memorabilia for him.  He may come to the cottage for GenFest, but made no guarantees.  He says that Ruth is now living in Arcadia, and they don't get together very often anymore.

Max's service came out, replaced the timer on the dryer, and it still wouldn't work. so the dryer has been officially declared a lemon.  Let me rephrase that - the dryer has been officially declared a LEMON!!!!  Our service man advised that the next step will be to deal with Home Depot to get the dryer replaced.

We went to do errands - East Bay Township to inform them that our river property has been sold and they need to adjust our summer taxes and bill the new owner, ORV permits for Chip and Dylan, and Home Depot.  I was not feeling particularly chipper, so I waited in the car all those times.  While I was waiting at home depot, one of the side effects of Nexavar struck with a vengeance - cramping.  Hands, arms, and back of thighs seemed to be the main targets.  I did manage to get out of the car - no fun - and then just remained standing and trying to relax while the cramping traveled around at will.
Now my body is a LEMON too !

On the bright side, Dick arranged for a new dryer to be delivered Wednesday, and they will pick up the lemony one.  Now we have to order the correct propane conversion kit, have someone come out and convert it, and install the dryer. Then maybe we'll be back in business.  We are not exactly dancing with glee at this time because we know several things can go wrong from now on, based on past experience.

By the time we got home the cramping had subsided a bit.  Today is Brooke's birthday, and we had been invited to dinner at the cottage at 6 p.m.  I didn't trust that cramping to stay subsided, so I opted out of all the fun, and convinced Dick that he should go anyway, which he reluctantly did.  And I'm glad, because he brought back a delicious cupcake for me.  Happy Birthday Brooke, and thanks for the cupcake!