Sunday, March 11, 2007


Today we drove through flat, boring Illinois, and then through flat, boring Indiana. We took a little side trip to see the Purdue campus in West LaFayette. I know it was Sunday morning, but we didn't see a single soul on the whole huge campus. I don't think that there's a time of day or night that you could drive through the Michigan campus and not see one person. It was a little bit spooky.

In northern Indiana they have lots of sandhill cranes - we don't know if they were migrating or if they live there all the time. A lot of the small towns have a crane as part of their logo.

We had lunch in Niles, glad to be back in Michigan, where we have hills, trees, forests, and scenery! Found 3 caches in that area.

The last time we stayed in South Haven, Clementine's was too busy and we didn't want to wait in line. Tonight, we only waited for 10 minutes, and we had a great dinner and a fun waitress. Left the restaurant feeling very very mellow.

We want to do a few caches in the morning and then head for home - we are both ready.