Thursday, October 13, 2011

October Meet and Greet

How embarrassing! After reminding everyone that this month's Meet and Greet was on a Thursday instead of Wednesday, we forgot about it our very own selves!

Our excuse is that we had a very busy day, beginning with a Doctor's appointment for Dick and followed by errands, and lunch, and getting home kind of late in the afternoon.

At six o'clock I got a text from Suzie - "Are you guys all right?" Duh! Then we remembered! We got there before 6:30, but we were in for a lot of kidding. Anyway, we had a good time, good pizza, got some good information about the iPhone (talking to google), and were glad we came.

Some posts for the evening:

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Another fun meet and eat. Glad that we made it this month and we weren't the last ones to arrive. Next month's event sounds interesting, hope we can be there. btw, thanks to BWB for the 2 reminders that this event had been moved to Thursday.

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Thanks to the Dino's for the last minute reminder. Can we use age as an excuse? Message came in at 6, we made it by 6 1/2. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for the event. Now to figure out what a flash mob is.