Thursday, August 04, 2011

Oatmeal? Really?

Gym in the morning followed by breakfast at the new Grand Traverse Pie Co. downtown. What does one get for breakfast at the G.T. Pie Co. you may ask? Oatmeal. No kidding. They were out of the yogurt parfait.

Caching in the afternoon - you can see that we're gradually getting back to normal.

08/04/2011 You found Oh Crap Visit Log
Well the company's all gone and the weather is great so it's a perfect day to get the Jeep out of the barn and get into full "Caching Mode". We never knew about a ropes course back here. In fact the only one we ever saw was up at the hospital. This was a fairly quick find. signed log, took nothing and left our card and a #8 Hot Wheels. Thanks for showing us this trail and adding to our fun today.

08/04/2011 You found Stuck In The Middle Visit Log
Many great memories of this area. As a teen I learned to ski behind Bensley's boat, their cottage was just up the road in Crescent Shores. When we were young marrieds, we rented a cottage up the road on Mickey Lake. We got in "Caching Mode" this afternoon and got out the Jeep and took a ride. This was our first attempt at caching using our I Phone. After a fruitless search, we were about to give up when we figured out how to find the hint. BINGO!!
Took nothing but some trash that was on the ground, left a punch ball. Thanks for the memories.

08/04/2011 You found Extra Crispy Booty 2 Visit Log
This one has been sitting there for quite a while but we never seemed to be in "Caching Mode" when we drove past. Singed log and traded tags. TFTC