Thursday, October 02, 2008

Day Trippers

Beautiful day for a drive. There are so many caches around here that it's tough to pick a destination. It's like being a kid in a candy store!

We went through Saline, Clinton, Tecumseh, Manchester, and some even smaller places if you can imagine that. We had lunch in Tecumseh at a sports bar that was empty at lunch time - we felt like part of the staff! They were friendly and the food was good, so I can't explain why it was empty!

Found 8 caches, and plan to go back to Tecumseh after we solve all of the puzzles for the puzzle caches. My favorite was in rural Saline, where the cache was just down the road from a pig farm. Luckily the wind was in the right direction today, and we didn't even get a whiff. I was surprised at how noisy the pigs are - I never knew that pigs made so much noise! The cache was also my favorite because I discovered its location :)

Hidden Lake Gardens was another favorite. What a fantastic place. I remember coming here 30 years ago - it was very nice then, but it has been expanded and improved so much. It's a delightful drive, reminiscent of the Pierce Stocking Trail without the dunes! The drive has been decorated with figures for Halloween - they are just fantastic - creative and adorable. From a distance, they absolutely look real!

We enjoyed the drive so much, and found the cache we were looking for, but now we have to go back on another day because we discovered that there are several more caches in the Gardens that we hadn't been aware of.

Found it 10/2/2008 You found Quazy Cache #4 (Unknown Cache) We are staying in Ann Arbor for football season and visiting some old haunts while we are here and gathering up some caches on our drives. We have learned that going paperless makes puzzles tough. We managed to work our way through this one and were able to score this cache after a thorough search. We traded sigs and swapped a frog for a clip. Thanks for the fun!

Found it 10/2/2008 You found November 11th. A special day ! (Multi-cache) [visit log]
A great hide, we found it fairly quickly and left our card and a heart. TFTC

Found it 10/2/2008 You found HLG Pothole (Virtual Cache)
We are staying in Ann Arbor for the rest of the football season and visiting old haunts during the week and gathering up some caches along the way. Today we drove down to Tecumseh. We might not have continued on to Hidden Lake had it not been for the owner of this cache. After the effort she put forth on our S2S series, we couldn't pass this one by.
Over 30 years ago this was a turn around stop on day 4 when I taught driver ed. We both loved Botany in college and brought our children out here for Sunday drives. Boy oh boy have the gardens changed. This area was not open to auto traffic then. We loved the Weeping Beech. A lovely spot and a lovely drive, well worth the price of admission. Thanks for bringing us here!

Found it 10/2/2008 You found LaPlaisance (Virtual Cache)
We are staying in Ann Arbor for the rest of the football season. GO BLUE!! During the week we are visiting our old haunts and grabbing some caches along the route. Today we came down to Tecumseh for lunch. When coaching freshman football more than 30 years ago, we played here a number of times. Thanks for giving us an excuse to stop here.

Found it 10/2/2008 You found The LowLands (Traditional Cache)
Had I been running solo today, I would have really been "in Dutch" but fortunately, old sharp eyes was with me and she spotted an anomaly. We found it about 10:30 on our cruise south today and signed the log and left our sigs. thanks for the hunt.

Found it 10/2/2008 You found We Love Libraries (Unknown Cache)
We love libraries too. We were teased when the circulation at the TC public library increased 10% the year we retired and moved north. This is a great one and the nature trail is a plus. We had a problem because we counted a curl of hair as a button. Once that was resolved it was a quick find. Traded an NMC pin for a cat pin and left our sigs. Thanks for the hunt.

Found it 10/2/2008 You found CAMO (Virtual Cache)
Out on an afternoon drive to visit some of our old haunts. It's been over 25 years since we've been in town. Thanks for the fun.

Found it 10/2/2008 You found In memory of our soldiers (Virtual Cache)
Very neat spot. We don't remember a painted Union statue before. Thanks for showing it to us.
We wonder about the WWII date. Where did they get that?

Yes, on that war memorial, they had the dates for WWII as 1941-1946. What's up with that? The WWII that we remember ended in '45.

We watched the Vice-Presidential debate, and were disappointed. In my humble opinion it was uneventful and a little boring overall. The Twit didn't make any amusing gaffes or anything. She did kind of follow her own rules and turned a lot of the questions around to topics she felt more comfortable with, but nobody called her on it, or made her respond to the original question. Biden seemed tired to me, and he was almost too polite and restrained with the Twit. I was sincerely disappointed.