Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Weekend Wandering

Saturday was a peninsula day - the Wineries of Old Mission Peninsula (WOMP) sponsored a Winter Warm-up - food, wine and long lines.

We started out at Chateau Chantal - lots of people had the same idea! We stood in the wine-tasting line for a long time - finally jut bagged it and settled for hot mulled wine and a strange but tasty cookie. It was a nice day to drive around out there - the sun was shining, the bays were very blue and the snow was very white.

We stopped for lunch at the Peninsula Grill. Usually we like it, but today for some reason my burger seemed loaded with sodium. I couldn't eat it. There must have been a salt explosion in the kitchen - that burger was a real sodium bomb!

At Peninsula Cellars we did some real wine-tasting. Their hot mulled wine wasn't as good as Chateau Chantal's - it was good though, and so was the spicy, moist pumpkin bread.

Sunday was definitely not a sunny day, but we like to go for a drive anyway. The main goal of our drive was to stop at the Library to stock up on good winter reads.

Afterward we headed for Holiday to see how many were skiing.

Skiing is very, very popular - there was no parking in any of the lots, and many cars were parked along the neighboring streets. We parked for a while by the bunny hill and watched kids skiing, snowboarding, and learning to use the rope tow. It was very entertaining!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wild Wacky Winter Weekend

Yesterday we sat by the fireside and watched our fabulous University of Michigan graduates play pro-football. The Jets and the Bengals played, but we were really rooting for our guys - Jay Feely, David Harris, Dhani Jones, and Braylon Edwards. We don't really care much about pro-football, but it's great to be able to see these good athletes again. When you root for the players instead of the teams, you really can't lose!

Today we went to brunch at Hofbrau - it was strange because there was hardly anybody there - there were five people, including us! They have such a huge spread of all kinds of food - we told the waitress we couldn't eat it all :) As we were leaving a group of about 8 came in, but that was it.

Dick humored me - I wanted to see a wintry Lake Michigan. On the way over, we saw our first ice fishing shanties of the season on Crystal Lake. Snow was blowing over all of the east/west roads - really drifting in some places. In other places, it was just swirling madly along the road in front of us. Br-r-r-r.

Frankfort breakwater was wild and crazy.

The wind was very powerful, out of the southwest.
The waves were crashing high over the breakwater, and everything was covered with ice out there.

The Empire Beach was just as wild and woolly - the wind seemed even stronger!

When the spray hit your face, it was partly water and partly sand - free dermabrasion!

It was amazing to see people sledding at Sleeping Bear. It's hard enough to walk up in the summertime. It must have been three times as hard now with the combination of steepness, wild wind, and an icy slope. We saw a total of eight people (mostly quite young) climbing up and sliding down. That's quite a hike for a few seconds of slide.

Exactly how frightened would you be by this Avalanche sign ?? Go figure. Dick said it should say Sandalanche.