Sunday, April 01, 2007

Palm Sunday+April Fool+Final Four

Somewhere in my youth or childhood, this
Palm Sunday Hymn became a personal favorite. I remember carrying the palm fronds down the aisle in front of the choir during the processional to the singing of this hymn. Happy Palm Sunday!

This has been one of those days that can't decide what kind of weather we'll have. It started out raining and dull. Then the clouds moved on, the sun arrived, and the sky turned bright blue. It was so nice that we went out in the woods to do 3 caches. We were mildly successful - I found one, Dick found one, and the third one eluded us. But you can have a good time if you've a mind to!

As we drove back through town, dark clouds blocked out the sun and drops appeared on the windshield. When we came out of Bed, Bath and Beyond, the sun was shining again and raindrops were still falling. We didn't see a rainbow. While we were inside Ace Hardware, the rain came down in earnest, but by the time we went to the car, it had stopped. When we got home, we heard thunder, but there was no rain. I think that Mother Nature was playing April Fool's pranks all day.

Dick and I came in Number One and Number Two in the Gen Family Fantasy Final Four Brackets. How we did that, I will never know - it's pixie dust! It seems that even if Ohio State loses to Florida tomorrow, I will still be the overall winner - what a great position to be in! Barb and Sharon each posted a letter to congratulate me for winning - how much fun is that? Here is Sharon's message:

Congrats to Aunt Nan! She has certainly earned the bragging
rights this year and is the CHAMP for 2007 (and it doesn't
even matter whether Ohio State or Florida win the
Championship game). Aunt Nan has beat us all!
Way to go! Impressive to say the least. Of course the rest
of the final standings may depend on Monday's game to see
who outscored their sisters, or brothers, or Mothers, or
Fathers, or sons, or daughters, or friends, or fiances, etc.

And Barb's:
Earlier in one of my posts I said "age brings wisdom'!!
Little did I know how true that would be.!.! It's pretty
awesome that you have won the "bragging rights" for the
year, Aunt Nan. We are very proud of you!!

And my response:
Thanks Barb and Sharon! Isn't it so much fun to have Dick
and I numbers 1 & 2.

I love what you said about age bringing wisdom - our slogan
is "They say that age brings wisdom, but sometimes age comes

There's another old saying: "Age and treachery overcomes
youth and skill." I love that one, too. Dick and I are
certainly not treacherous, but the rest of you are all young
and skillful !

We must congratulate Ohio State for their high level
performances in both football and basketball this season.
John L. should be bursting his buttons. OSU has held up the
national reputation of the Big 10.

I believe that Dick and I doing so well on the brackets must
be the fluke to end all flukes, and I'm taking it as a sign
that 2007 is going to be a terrific year for us :)

Thanks for your congratulations - it's been a ton of fun for me.

I'm thinking that to have me win the whole enchilada is the ultimate April Fool's joke!