Friday, October 04, 2013


We made our own sunshine on this gloomy day.  Dick's cardiologist, Dr. Recchia, reports that his tests show no changes and he will see him again in one year!  Sounds lovely to me.

Dr. Ruch reports that the body scan shows no cancer anywhere else!!  We are over the moon. 

October 15th  he's having a computer consultation with the liver specialists at U of M, and they will put their heads together and recommend the best treatment options for me.  I will hear the results of that on Oct. 16th and from there we'll determine how to proceed.

We got our flu shots today, too.  Just don't seem to be able to stay away from doctors' offices!

Of course we did a celebratory cache on the way home:

Found it 10/04/2013You found  Airport BizVisit Log
This was a dreary fall day, not a glimpse of sunshine, so we made our own. A stop at the Dr's to pick up some good news, a stop at Bubba's for a super Reuben sandwich and then a stop here to grab a cache. The micro maven was telling me where the cache was without leaving the car. I was explaining to her that her idea was impossible and attempted to demonstrate - Oops!
Sheepishly handed the log for her to sign (BWB) and replaced as found. Thanks BIZ for placing this cache and adding to our sunshine for this day.