Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wednesday - Lexington to White River Junction

Wow! We felt really lucky to be heading north this morning - the rush hour traffic into Boston is horrendous! Mile after mile of bumper to bumper traffic - sure would hate to do that every day. We thought that Saturday's traffic on I-696 from Ann Arbor to Port Huron was bad - but it was at least moving.

We did have a bit of a goof-up this morning when Nuvi decided to send us up I-93 instead of I-95, but Dick's super navigational skills got us to the right place.

Today we finished all 8 of the States that we were targeting - today we did Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.

In York, Maine we found the Duck Pond cache - that was a weird little pond - loaded with ducks and very loud geese.
We drove more than 1200 miles to find this cache.
We started out this morning in Lexington and drove up 95, we are eternally thankful that we don't have to face that drive every day! What a relief to get off and drive some back roads.
This was a unique cache, we weren't sure if the fence was to keep them in or us out. We signed the log and left our Maine coin. Thank you so very much for providing an us with a quick stop in which to drop it.

As soon as we entered Maine we began seeing pickup trucks loaded with lobster pots - the pots were plastic or metal, and very colorful. When we first visited Maine umpty-ump years ago, the lobster pots were all wooden and very weathered.

At one point in York, Maine a car was obviously following us closely, and Dick finally pulled over so he could pass. Instead, he pulled over too. It turned out that he saw our license plate and he was a Univ. of Mich. alumnus and just wanted to talk. It was a unique experience.

On to New Hampshire - another pretty drive. We found 2 caches near Concord, and continued on to White River Junction, Vermont.

We found a cache near White River Junction, and that completed our quest! With these 8 states that we've done this week, we now have found caches in 34 different States. Hooray for us! 34 down and 16 to go!

I have to say that White River Junction is not a place that you would want to live. The motel is fine, but the town is very down-at-heel and the homes all need heavy maintenance and trash pick up. We were disappointed because our experience has been that New England is crisp and clean and well maintained - but this town is a major exception! We did find a nice place for dinner, though - so maybe we just never drove around on the right side of the tracks - but then again, we were here all afternoon.