Monday, May 30, 2011

California Cook-out !

Tom, Dick and I were invited to Amy's Mom's house for a Memorial Day Picnic. How lucky are we! First we drove up to Encinitas to see Kevin and Amy's new house - what a great place. Encinitas is a beach town, and their house is about two blocks from the beach. Amy's Dad Richard did a lot of the work on the house and he is really good. He and his son Kean did Tom's new kitchen, too, with just gorgeous results.

Then we drove down to Del Mar to Joyce's house. She is always so hospitable and at ease when entertaining. She had all kinds of appetizers set out when we got there, and every kind of beverage. Amy's Dad was the Grill Master - he did chicken and ribs - yummy. We also had beans, potato salad, tossed salad, jello, and veggies. Afterwards, she served three kinds of cake! Kean said that their family motto is "Why do it when you can overdo it." !

It was a great picnic - there were a dozen of us there if you count the two babies - Dick, Tom and I, Amy , Kevin and Maya, Grace, Kean and Luke, Joyce's twin brother Kean and Fran, and Joyce's Aunt Grace.