Thursday, March 22, 2007

High Water

How to have the perfect birthday:

1. Go to the gym for an hour

2. Go out to breakfast

3. Play WoW for a couple of hours

4. Go to the movies

5. Go out to dinner

I had a really nice day. Tom and Jana sent me goodies in the WoW mail - unbelievable things. I think that Laurie is sending flowers, because we got a call from the florist but we weren't home, so that will happen tomorrow. I spoke to all of the kids today - always a pleasure.

The Outback Steakhouse is such a great place. I thoroughly enjoyed everything - it was a concession on Dick's part because he hates movies and he's not too fond of the Outback - but I had a wonderful time, and a terrific day.

Meanwhile, last night we had a torrential rainfall, and the river is about as high as we've seen it. Our dock is under water, our riverside deck is partially submerged, and the river is flowing rapidly over the boardwalk. Our house isn't in any danger, but we're glad we have that flood plain out in front.

This is the canoe dock:

Here is the riverside deck and the boardwalk.