Thursday, October 07, 2010

AA to Adrian

This was an absolutely gorgeous fall day. We began with breakfast in Saline and then headed in a southwesterly direction, stopping whenever a cache looked inviting and do-able.

This area of southern Michigan is a picture-perfect farming area. The farms are huge, well-maintained and extremely neat and tidy. It is a real pleasure to drive the country roads and see one pleasant farm after another with multiple outbuildings and impressive barns. As far as we could tell they seem to be growing mostly corn and soybeans. Most of the outbuildings and barns are painted red, but we did see several white farms where everything was painted white. Judging by the size of the farm equipment that we passed on the road, I thought maybe those big farms were corporate. Dick says that they could be co-ops instead.

We went through many small towns and villages. A couple of them were not well known, at least to us! Saline, Mooreville, Macon, Clinton, Tecumseh, Wellsville, Palmyra and Adrian -what a lovely drive.

We had a great time. Here are some of Dick's logs:

Found it 10/07/2010
You found A very old resting place

We spent the day caching from A2 to Adrian. The return trip had been nonstop along the back roads until our Nuvi dinged for this one. As we read the description, we just couldn't pass it up. We have found 7 cemetery caches on this trip and were discussing the segregation of the Catholics and the Protestants. Was it that the Catholics didn't want to be buried with the Protestants or was it the other way around? Who rejected who? What did they do if someone who died was Jewish? Oh well, found the cache about 4:30, signed the log and drove home. Thanks for bringing us to this unusual place.
Found it 10/07/2010 You found Fair Haunting Grounds

We started out this morning in Ann Arbor with the goal of having breakfast in Saline and caching our way to a late lunch/early dinner/supper in Adrian, so here we are. We found this one at about 3PM. Signed the log and went off in search of food. If a combined breakfast and lunch is a brunch, I guess we are looking for lupper or linner. TFTC
Found it 10/07/2010 You found A Room With A View

Yoik!! I'm gettin to old for this stuff! We wanted to give this one a shot because we think this is how SQ caches should be placed if possible, off the actual site and away from the graves. Although I was carefully inching my way down the slope, (The silly Garmin was pointing to a spot about half way down.) suddenly my feet went out from under me and I did a kiester plotz. Luckily I grabbed a bush and pulled my self back up to my feet. Now the blankety blank GPS was pointing back up the slope. So just climb back up! Easier said than done, but slowly I pulled myself up, only slipping back a couple of times. I knew I was close because I found a Pokemon card. I didn't know it but I was searching the wrong side of the hide.The better half of the team was saying "That's enough!"as I clambered up to the top You know how it is, just one more peek. SCORE!!
Signed the log and left a Pokemon card. Thanks for the adventure!
Found it 10/07/2010 You found I Ain't No "Old Shed"

When we started out this morning with the idea of caching our way to Adrian, we didn't focus in on cemetery caches but we did wind up with quite a few. We find it fascinating that these old sites in southern Michigan have tomb stones that are so much older than those we are familiar with up north. We are surprised to note that so many of the early settlers lived to such a ripe old age. It appears that, for the most part, if they made it through their teens, they were good for 70 or more years. Thanks for the history.
Found it 10/07/2010 You found Good Lord!

We are caching our way to Adrian and here we are in Palmyra, a town we've never heard of before. Thanks for giving us a reason to stop, thanks for the history and thanks for the cache. Signed the log and left a smilie pencil.
Found it 10/07/2010 You found STOP !!! BUCKEYES ADVANCING #1

Palmyra. Palmyra? Palmyra! Are we still in Michigan? Never knew there was a Palmyra. We almost bypassed this one just to see what Palmyra looks like. But Hey! How can you just drive past #1 TFTC
Found it 10/07/2010 You found STOP !!! BUCKEYES ADVANCING #6

Today's goal was to cache our way along the back roads from Ann Arbor to Adrian. Traveling from cache to cache in a south westerly direction on a beautiful fall afternoon we were struck by the cleanliness, neatness and beauty of the farms. Almost every one was well maintained and orderly. It was extremely enjoyable. Thanks for another smilie!
Found it 10/07/2010 You found Treasure Trove

What a great spot! From the great number of stones in German, we're guessing that the Lutheran church must have stood near to here in the past. Our question though is about the mound. With all the surrounding land being flat, could this square mound be natural? Did the settlers using teams of horses scrape the land into a mound? If so it doesn't appear to have affected the surrounding top soil. Or perhaps this is the site of an ancient settlement of the mound builders.
We really appreciate it that you brought us here. The camo on the tin is falling off, we often have some in the cachemobile but couldn't find it today. We added a little heart to the stash after we signed the log. TFTC
Found it 10/07/2010 You found STOP !!! BUCKEYES ADVANCING #5

When these caches pop up on our route we have to grab them. This weekend we aren't worried about stopping the Buckeyes, can we stop the Spartans. We are quite apprehensive about sitting in the Big House Saturday and being subjected to the worst pass defense in the nation (120th of 120 teams). But thank you for another smilie on our caching expedition down to Adrian on an absolutely fantastic fall afternoon..
Found it 10/07/2010 You found SQ - Holloway Hide

Thanks for a hide that we could decipher. We just had a run of 3 DNF's so any find looked great. There were no trackables in the cache. The zip lock is torn but we did not have a replacement. We got quite a chuckle over the nearby name "Freshcorn". Thanks for the fun.

(We're always respectful in the cemetery areas, but we did find this unusual name and respectfully photographed it.)

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