Tuesday, August 13, 2013

August 13

This was Mother Gen's birthday.  It's also the birthday of our sister-in-law Emilie.  So Happy Birthday, then and now :)

Found it 08/13/2013 You found Rest In Down   Visit Log
We are working on the 31 Days of Geocaching challenge and need to score one for 8/13. It's my mom's birthday. Traverse City's citizen of the year in 1962, she would have been 118 today. Yesterday was our worst day of caching in our 10 years. Four DNF's before we could make a find and that one the owner practically led me by the hand, they sent a picture for Pete's sake! My puzzle for today is - Why can I find Peppermintpatti's evil hides but not Team*Churinga's? Oh well, maybe tomorrow. Anyway, made the find, signed the log and replaced as found. Thanks guys for giving us the souvenir for Day 13