Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gens Park

We got a call from Florida and so we all had a chance to talk to Laurie and Dylan - it was great to hear from them, and it was a lo-o-o-ong conversation.

Last night was Meet the Teacher at PCE. Dylan's 5th grade teacher will be Mrs. Carr, who team teaches with Mr. Hawkins. He says that they both seemed nice, but he was a little nervous meeting them. He also went to visit all of his previous teachers, for which he was not nervous. We discussed school, the Game (World of Warcraft), the guinea pigs, and a dream he had. We cover all of the bases!

We'll see them Labor Day weekend - they are coming to the University of Michigan/Utah football game in Ann Arbor on Aug. 30th. It will be Dylan's first visit to Michigan Stadium. We're all going to stay with the Sniders.

Jana wanted to go wading in East Bay at Gens Park. We got ready to go, and voila! The Subaru had a flat tire! Dick couldn't budge the lugnuts to change the tire. So we took the Ford and planned to call AAA later.

In the old days, when Gens Park was Mother Gen's property, the water in the bay was much higher, and there was more of a beach. Now the bay is really really low, and there's a hike to go out and get your feet wet!

It's a great little park, with boardwalks and a picnic table and a bathroom. Dick and Jana could walk out very far, and it was the perfect day for it. There was a lot of activity on the water - boats, kayaks, jet skis, parasailing, and swimmers. D and J waded around for about 40 minutes, and then hiked back to the car.

Jana wanted to eat lunch at Don's Drive-in, but it was very crowded with quite a long wait for lunch. We bailed out and ate on the deck at the North Peak. It's one of my favorite summer things to do and we haven't been there all summer for some reason. It was wonderful - again, it was the perfect day - nice moderate temperature and terrific breeze.

AAA came around 4 o'clock and changed the tire - prompt, friendly service, and we certainly do appreciate it!