Sunday, October 06, 2013

Are the National Parks Really Closed?

Dick wrote a letter to the kids describing our day - are the National Parks REALLY closed?

"To celebrate good test results, we decided to drive out to Leland and have Sunday brunch at the Bluebird.  It was great!  Afterwards we cruised some of the back roads in the area.  It's what we used to do more than 60 years ago.  On Sunday afternoons, Mom would let me take the car, a maroon Dodge coupe, 3 passenger max, no back seat.  We would find roads that dead ended at Lake Michigan, walk the beach, have a picnic, enjoy the day.

Today it was raining and gloomy, but after the Doctors' reports we were happy and sunny.  In the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore there were signs proclaiming that it was closed, but folks were hiking and biking in the rain anyway.  To get into the Dune Climb we had to drive around a Stop sign and some barrels.  We thought it would be empty, but we saw at least 8 people going up and down the Dune, in the rain.  You could tell by the footprints in the sand that folks had been climbing despite the signs and the rain."

I don't know if it was Saturday's pot roast or not, but today I'm feeling goutiness in my right foot.  So far, just a slight limp.