Monday, March 12, 2012


Dick wrote this letter to the kids after our enjoyable outing yesterday :
There are many things which make it fun to live in TC and today was one of them. Last weekend we got nailed with 14 - 20 inches of snow with power outages which lasted in some places through Thursday.
 We drove up to Suttons Bay today to check out the damage. It has been warming some and when we drove through town it was 54. The Open Space was empty, there was a couple out on the breakwater and a guy walking his dog on the beach.
We drove up and had lunch at the 45th Parallel Cafe and then grocery shopping at Hansens. On the way home the temp hit 60 and the effect was instantly apparent. We saw 3 top down convertibles. These were not driven by kids, they were mature adults out on a cruise. On the TART bike trail we saw walkers, joggers, and bikers. Many were wearing shorts, tee shirts and tank tops. I cracked up when we drove past Wares Bros ice cream shop. Sitting outside on a bench in the sun was a couple our age eating cones. 
In town the Open Space was a mob scene - frisbee, soccer, dog walkers, and folks just enjoying the sun. Of course there were many walkers, bikers and joggers as well. The only thing missing was a volley ball game. There were people on the beach catching some rays and we even saw a couple wading! 
It's not just the people - back home here we still have up to 6 inches of snow in spots but I saw a honey bee.
No flowers yet, but I think Spring has sprung.