Thursday, June 04, 2009

Our View of the Bay

Tonight we're thinking about our neighbor Tom B. who had thoracic surgery this afternoon. Naturally we're hoping that all went well and that he has a peaceful and pain free night tonight. Rest easy, Tom. He's been in the hospital for two weeks - his wife is practically living there. His daughter and grand-daughter have come to be with them.

I'm getting better and better. I still fade a little bit in the evening, but by and large, the laparoscopic surgery is very tolerable. Much to be preferred than a six week recovery period! AND no more gall bladder attacks! Hooray!

We went walking down by the marina today, and even though the temp was 70, it seemed chilly next to the water. It was fun seeing some people in hoodies, and others in shorts and tank tops - People don't know how to dress in this weather! Northern Michigan must be way below normal, temperature-wise.

Dick was doing cache maintenance on his "The View of the Bay is Half the Pay" cache. He found a couple of things missing, and he rearranged a couple of things. It was a gorgeous day to be downtown on the trail.

There were young folks in swim suits and bikinis at the volleyball beach - I guess the strong sunshine on the sand was keeping them warm - honestly, it really wasn't that warm!

We haven't been to the gym all week because of my surgery, but I can almost guarantee we'll be there next Tuesday. Not sure about Monday because we'll be out late Sunday night listening to Willie Nelson at Interlochen :) We're not really late night people!
But anything for Willie :)