Thursday, April 01, 2010


Somehow we slept soundly all night and never heard the work that was going on across the street! Workers dug that entire hole, concrete and all, soundlessly! At the time of this picture, two men were sitting in the truck watching the hole and not doing much else!

Other workmen arrived and the first two left. Soon there were four or five men figuring out what to do, and watching the hole.

The hole was roped off and a sign was positioned which said Sidewalk Closed. Most pedestrians ignored that sign!

We spent the morning on the Hop On Hop Off Double Decker Sightseeing Bus. Dick bought a 48 hour ticket, so we can go again tomorrow. Today we Hopped Off at the FDR Memorial and toured all four sections of it. It is a wonderful Memorial - and it's nice to see such meaningful, rational, exquisite quotations engraved in stone. We enjoyed the whole thing, along with a huge crowd of other folks!

The traffic was horrendous all along the route. At one point, the bus was essentially at a standstill for half an hour! The hundreds of pedestrians were much faster than the bus was. We saw all of the important monuments and major buildings of this city. The White House, The Capitol, The Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln Monuments included.

Union Station was our lunch choice - take the down escalator and you're in a food court that is longer than a football field! Totally overwhelming!

One noticeable feature in the city this week is noise! Over and over again - sirens, car alarms and honking give real meaning to the word cacophony.

Tomorrow when we ride the bus we plan to sit upstairs in the Double Decker so Dick can take more pictures!

Jana picked us up and we went to meet her friend Dr. Wanda Rappaport. It turns out that Wanda is a little bit of a thing - she makes Aunt Odette look beefy! We liked her right away, and enjoyed our time with her - we seem to have a lot in common with her and it made for easy conversation.

Jana cooked dinner for us and we had a very relaxing time at her home. It was enjoyable to see her kitties - they are amusing and fun. Dinner was yummy!