Thursday, May 19, 2011

Las Vegas to Winslow

An early morning drive down the Las Vegas "Strip" was very exciting. Block after block of eye candy such as a hick from punkin crick has never experienced! You have to forgive me - it took me 75 years to get here!

On the way to Winslow, we stopped for coffee at the McDonald's in Boulder City. It was delightful to find sculptures all the way around the building - children playing, working, and participating in various sports. Sometimes wonderful things pop up when you least expect it!

This one we photographed in honor of tennis-playing Dylan:

Driving through the mountains of northern Arizona suddenly became just like driving in Michigan in March. We've all seen this til we're blue in the face, but hey - this is May 19th!

Winslow, Arizona has many reasons for civic pride. One of them is this memorial featuring two steel beams from the World Trade Center, and a flag that few over the Pentagon. It was in an out of the way spot, and if it weren't for geocaching, we wouldn't have seen it.

Another highlight in Winslow is this urban "park" illustrating the song "Take It Easy", by the Eagles.