Saturday, July 04, 2009

Y'all Come!

Gary and Donna (CoyChev) and Dan and Laura (Light People) came to T.C. today to do our Trekking Traverse Trails caches. I found out on Facebook that they were heading this way, so I said stop in at Basswood Bend! They had a terrific day of caching - the weather was perfect, and they finished the whole series in about 7 hours.

When they were finished, they came out to the river. Dick grilled some hot dogs and we had the typical great time trading cache talk :)

It was a very pleasant way to end the holiday.

Goodbye Uncle Fritz

Frederick V. Geib was my mother's only brother. He passed away on June 23rd at the age of 93. His memorial service was this morning. Rick and Mary did a beautiful job of planning the service, and everything was perfect - the weather, the setting, the remembrances, and the coffee, cookies, and fellowship afterward. It took place in the garden at the Presbyterian Church - how lovely. Uncle Fritz would have loved it.

Me and my Block cousins - Rick and Ken