Sunday, March 09, 2014

Sunday on the Island

Hutchinson Island is one of our favorite places.  It's close, beautiful, relaxing, charming, and ocean side.  What more could you want?  Sunday, however, it turned out to be very crowded.  Everybody else in the area had the same idea.  We managed to have a wonderful day anyway - driving,  rubber-necking at the scenery, caching, and enjoying the sea breezes.  We took 95 up to Port Ste. Lucie, drove east to the water, crossed all of the bridges, and arrived at the Island.  We began our leisurely drive north on Ocean Blvd. right alongside the ocean.

Some of the public access areas where caches are located have colorfully painted signs.  I love these :)

A perfect beach day - if you don't mind a little wind!

Dick admiring the ocean

Dick on the boardwalk - The beach lifeguard shack is flying the red flag

Off the Island now, at Sewall's Point - this sign is a first for us!

Didn't find it 03/09/2014You couldn't find Under The Archipelago Visit Log
2 huts, searched them both, inside and out 
Found it 03/09/2014You found  Never Yield While Geocaching Visit Log
Made the find and signed the log but this one needs work. Log is full and slightly damp. Nice neighborhood, thanks for showing it to us. 
Found it 03/09/2014You found  Look "in" Point Visit Log
Another fantastically beautiful day to drive the island and enjoy the scenery. This is an area we had never stopped to look at before. Made the find and stamped the log and replaced as found. On the way out I had a nice conversation with a couple of other retired folks who told us that this is a great area to see Manatees. They had seen a wounded youngster by the bridge tended by its mom. When we got back it was gone. Thanks for bringing us here. 
Found it 03/09/2014You found  Coming soon by - HH Visit Log
Today was a beautiful day, sunny cloudless skies, temp in the upper 70's. We decided to drive the island, enjoy the sun and the beaches and find a couple of caches. This was the first one we looked for. While checking GZ, a covey of fire rescue vehicles came by southward bound with lights and sirens in action. Later, down south we saw a helicopter landing in one of the ocean side parks. We never saw what the crisis was but it was a first for us.
Found the cache, signed the log and replaced as found. Thanks for the adventure.