Friday, October 17, 2008

Lunch With Todd

Today we had a lovely lunch with my cousin Todd at the Olive Garden. It was fun to see him again, and we had lots to talk about. He's a good story teller, and we really enjoyed his company. The Olive Garden lunch is always a winner.

Afterward, armed with a hint from the cache owner, we went back downtown to find the pub micro that stumped us previously. Here's Dick's log of our successful search:
Found it 10/17/2008 You found Michigan Craft Brewing: Treetown (Traditional Cache)
A lot of the time when we go back and, aided by additional assistance from an owner or previous finder, find a cache we had missed on an earlier trip, we can't figure out how we missed it the first time. Not in this case. Both of us had searched the spot "thoroughly" on our first visit. We missed it because we flat out did not look carefully enough. Thanks for the help and thanks for the cache.