Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Too Much Sadness Plus the Promise of Spring

A lot of sadness has entered our world lately. Things seem to be happening in bunches.

The first thing was the death of the teenage daughter of one of Laurie's friends in Palm City. She was 18 years old, and an apparent suicide.

Then Belleville colleagues - Tommy M. lost his mother first, and then this week his brother died. Dan F.'s brother Mark died Monday of a sudden heart attack. Jim F.'s grandson, 12 year old Matt, died last Sunday in a motocross accident.

In Traverse City, Dick's cousin Chester died last week after a lengthy illness.

There are hundreds of deaths every day across the country, but this seems unusual to me.

Two of the deaths were expected, but the rest were a total shock - most especially the two children.

On the Springy side, the Bay is blue again today for the first time since I can't remember when. Dick figures that southerly winds have blown the ice out past the island. The shore is still chock-a-block with ice chunks along the breakwater, but the water just has a few small ice floes floating around.

Today is a beautiful day with blue skies and strong sunshine - the temperature has rocketed all the way up to 46! We saw a man at the library wearing shorts and sandals!
Crocuses are blooming around town. Spring will soon be a happening thing.

Best news - Sharon says she and John have tickets for the Final Four at Ford Field this weekend! How excellent is that?