Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Baby, Baby !

Adam announced today that he and Melanie are expecting!

That is such exciting news - the new band of cousins keeps growing and growing - Jackson, Dylan, Fay, Lauren, Autumn, Brooke, Lydia, Drew, Maya, and now a new Hardy baby!

How great that is.

Congratulations to Adam and Mel and Lydia!

The Secret Life of Steigers

Lunch and a movie seemed like a good way to celebrate Jan Snider's early birthday. We all went to lunch at TGI Friday's. Then Jan and I went to see The Secret Life of Bees, Jana went gallivanting with Molly, and Dick went geocaching.

The movie is a beautiful thing. It follows the book very closely. The actors are ideal for their characters, the setting is perfect, and the story is very bittersweet. I don't remember the book being so sad, but the movie is tremendously emotional. It's a terrific story, and I recommend the movie highly - take kleenex. It's probably more of a chick movie.

Things are going well. Jana is not having much difficulty walking around - she only has an occasional twinge. She's not even taking her pain meds anymore. I'm fine too. I've recovered from the shaken, anxious feeling, and I'm not in any physical pain. My body looks like I'm wearing a purple sash - bruising from the seatbelt.

Our car may be a total loss. The garage has not come up with the final numbers yet, but today they told us that the frame rails have buckled, which means that the whole frame of the car has been compromised.

We have a rental car which we're packing up tomorrow and driving to TC on Friday. Jana will be leaving on Friday also.
If the car is repaired we'll pick it up when we return in a couple of weeks for the Northwestern game. We have our Explorer at home so we won't be without a car. We'll be staying with Sniders for the Northwestern weekend.

Either way, we'll be getting rid of the Subaru and we'll get a new (used) car. Our kids have convinced us that driving the repaired Subaru to Florida and back is probably not a safe idea.