Friday, July 25, 2014

Kitchen Choreography

This morning Laurie and I went shopping for counter tops, flooring and cabinets for our new condo.  (Yes, that Lone Tree condo which hasn't been started yet, but, oh well.)

At Kitchen Choreography we met with Erica, who works with our builder all of the time, and is familiar with the condos - spaces, sizes, etc.  She spent a lot of time with us and it was very much fun.  They allow you to take samples with you so that you can be sure of coordinating flooring and such.

For lunch we went to the Town Plaza on State St.  It was the perfect day to eat outside, and we had a very relaxing lunch.

Afterwards we went to Floor Covering Brokers and met with Deb.  She's another one who works with our builder and is super familiar with those condos.  It was so enjoyable to see what was available, and to coordinate with the samples from Kitchen Choreography.  Laurie loves doing that.  I had never shopped that way before, and I was very impressed.  And tired.

We went back home, and I opted for a rest.   Laurie went back out shopping.  She stopped at Nature's Edge, another Lone Tree supplier.  Laurie brought home more samples!