Saturday, January 07, 2012

Caching and Christmas and NFL

01/07/2012 You found Trash In - Cache Out
Mrs Sharkie spotted it first. I took the message to heart and grabbed an empty Publix bag from the car before we walked the trail. By the time we got back it was full. TFTC

01/07/2012 You couldn't find Busch Street Series-Get Me Out if Here!
We read fuzbill's log also but it didn't help us today.

01/07/2012 You found Busch Street Series-Unearthed!

I think it was zoroan who spotted this one first. We had a fun walk in an area which was new to all of us. TFTC

01/07/2012 You found Busch Street Series-End of the Berm

Sharkie Crew and Zoroan shared a morning adventure with us. We found a few and got skunked by a couple. This one was large enough to leave some swag. Left a mermaid and our card, signed the log and replaced as found. Thanks for bringing us out here today.

01/07/2012 You found Busch Street Series-To the left of Center!

This exemplifies the concept of "hidden in plain view". Three pairs of eyes drawing a blank until Mrs. Sharkie spotted it. She waited while we continued searching. Then Zoroan spotted it. I was ready to surrender when - there it was. TFTC

01/07/2012 You found Busch Street Series-It's Right There!

This one was spotted first by Zoroan. Sharkie signed for us and I took some trash, wound up with a bag full by the end of our hike. Left Jack Squat. TFTC

01/07/2012 You couldn't find Busch Street Series-Right off the Trail!  Enjoyed the walk this morning even if we came up empty twice.

01/07/2012 You found Busch Street Series-Leftovers!

Nothing better than erasing a DNF, especially when it's such a unique hide. (I'm already planning to copy it.) Came back today with reinforcements but didn't need them. It does help to carefully read the description and past logs. Retrieved cache, gave it to Sharkie to sign and then replaced as found. Thanks for the fun.

From: Geocaching
Date: Sat, Jan 7, 2012 at 6:35 PM 
Subject: [GEO] John&Jelene contacting basswoodbend from


Hi Basswood!

So glad to hear you all had a nice day out caching today! What a glorious day it's been, huh! I'm so sorry you missed the one on the Busch Street Series, we'll go check on it Monday! 

You all are GOOD cachers, especially with "Left of Center'" that's a tricky one! WELL DONE my friend!!!

I hope you two will be joining us this year at Cacheapalooza 6 on January 21st, we'd love to have you join in the fun!!! 

Happy New Year and thank you so much for the really cute logs, you two made us smile tonight! 

Thanks for that!
Warmest Regards, Jelene!
A nice morning of caching, as noted above.

A great lunch at Panera Bread, then off to Laurie's to help put away Christmas. I loved wrapping the beautiful ornaments in tissue - some of them have many good memories.

It's ironic that we're putting away the Christmas things and at the same time today is Christmas Day in the Russian Orthodox Church.

Chip got lasered in the cockpit at 6000 feet at the Raleigh airport tonight.  He had to deal with a bunch of questions and fill out forms, etc.,  procedures which don't exactly encourage reportage.  All is well, no harm done.

Came home to watch the Lions - right now the score is Lions 14, Saints 10 at half time.   It's a minor miracle.  The final score was Saints, too much - Lions, not enough.  45 - 28

Bad Medicine

I broke my vow never to take the Indomethacin for gout because it's a powerful nsaid, and I can't tolerate that because it causes internal bleeding which I am prone to. At 2:30 in the morning it seemed like such a good idea - I took it and woke up 5 hours later. I'm going to keep taking it until the symptoms are totally gone because I don't want the gout to linger the way it did in my foot for three weeks after Thanksgiving. There may be a price to pay, but the relief and being able to move my arm may be worth it.