Thursday, April 17, 2014

IV Forever

Wendy's "Jana update" for today:

I stopped by the hospital this morning for rounds. The abscess has virtually completely disappeared in scans and the drain has been removed.  Unfortunately, the process of removing the drain created a hematoma in the abdomen wall which is causing still more pain in a new location.  

Jana did have the fistula exam, and the result of that suggests that the final answer is that the abscess was tubular ovarian (that might not be the strict medical term) and not caused by a diverticuli.  

There are not any immediate next steps except for continuing days in the hospital with IV antibiotics and monitoring.  I do think I am observing Jana getting incrementally better, but there is still so much pain and discomfort it is difficult to evaluate.

 We spoke to J. this morning.  She is feeling a lot of pain.  She's receiving the IV antibiotics and some pain meds, but basically she is miserable.  Here at home, I have no pain as such, just some discomfort.  The ascites is getting worse, and it does grotesque things to your body.  We had planned to return to the Vital Step gym this morning, but I begged off because I don't think my "water balloon" would allow me to pedal, etc.  I see the oncologist tomorrow, and I'm hoping he can arrange for paracentesis ASAP.