Thursday, May 30, 2013

Duck and CJ

Dick picketed at the Ad. Bldg. with Shelly and Barb.  It was a pro-teacher picket, of course!

Derek and Carla arrived to camp in the campground in their terrific tent.  Their two dogs, Tortie and Rhino, are very well-behaved, and well-trained.  They are very affectionate pups!  Dick got home soon after D&C arrived.

After nice conversations on the deck, Dick grilled chicken for a really pleasant dinner.

Just in time for dessert - Adam, Melanie, Lydia and Izzy came to see their cousins.  Izzy really loved the dogs - she was entranced!  Everybody loved the ice cream.

Dick had laid a campfire for Derek, and it turned out to be the perfect end to the day for those two families.  It was kind of an early Genfest for them because none of them are going to be able to come in July.