Friday, August 07, 2009

Dune Day

Off to the Sleeping Bear National Lakeshore for our annual Dune Day! Luckily enough, it was also the weekend of the Oneida Fair, so we had a big day.

We started with a stop at the Visitor Center in Empire, and I bought a CD which narrates the tour on the Pierce Stocking Trail - a good investment! Look at the size of that cougar!

Lunch was at Art's in Glen Arbor (you just have to love Glen Arbor!)

Next stop was the Oneida one room school house where a very competent teacher was using volunteers from the audience to illustrate subjects and problems from one hundred year old schoolbooks. Dylan went to the chalkboard to solve a math problem. He's more accustomed to writing on a white board! That's new even since I retired.

We walked around the World War II and Civil War camp exhibits, and toured an old house.

It was a lovely cool day, so when we arrived at the Dune Climb we were sure that nobody would be stricken with heat stroke! The Gillespies all went up and hiked around for quite a while and returned still happy and healthy!

The driving tour of the Pierce Stocking Trail is a perennial favorite, and today was the perfect day for it. Most enjoyable.

We stopped at Sleder's on the way home and two of us had the all-you-can-eat Friday night fish thingy