Sunday, July 29, 2007


When we got the messages from the people who couldn't come, we were so dejected that we said we might as well just cancel GenFest if Kevin & Amy, the Lichtenbergs, and Peter & Melissa can't come! And no Autumn and Brooke?? What's a Dylan to do?

But we soldiered on and had Genfest anyway - and we're so sorry that they weren't here! We were thrilled that Ruth Anne and Ed came (Uncle Don's offspring), but it really didn't make up for all of those who were missing. Our family group picture was greatly diminished!

The photographers (Jodi&Rick) were just great - the posing, positioning and
picture-taking went off like clockwork.

Everybody co-operated so well that it was all finished by 2:30! It was interesting to watch and to participate in - can't wait to see the results! I hope that everybody is pleased with their pictures.

The company was so enjoyable, the conversation was lively and fun. Seven people went tubing

(Dylan,Jana, Tom, Shelly, Chris, Jackson, and Derek), and there was a canoe
run by Dave, Beth, Lauren and Fay. The yard games were outstanding - especially the washers and the Polish golf. The golf toss thing was so much fun to watch - everybody loved it!

It was very much fun taking people around in the golf car - the kids especially liked it. It was a big boon to me, mobility-wise, and we all enjoyed the grand tour
of the property.

Dinner was delicious - I really enjoyed all of the yummy fruit (especially the strawberries). As a mature adult I'm almost ashamed to admit that I also really loved the hot dog! (blush) Barb and Sharon did all of the post dinner clean up and I am forever grateful. Thank you Barb and Sharon!!

Diet Coke and Mentos turned out to be a great demo/spectator event! The participants were drenched with Diet Coke by the end of it all.

The displays were so much
fun - the Coke bottle/car thing that Chris and Jana collaborated on was
really the overall most enjoyable.

The cousins got around to playing volleyball before the campfire - it was the
hats vs. the no-hats, and they each won a game. Dick started the campfire, and
for us, the evening wound down. We went to bed around 11, but the
campfire group didn't disperse until 3 or 3:30.

It was a wonderful GenFest! I think it may have been my favorite to date. It was mainly because of all the help - Dick, who exerts himself heroically on the lawn, landscaping, planning, and enabling; Laurie and Chip who scrubbed and polished the whole porch and deck area among other things; Barb and Sharon who did the kitchen clean up. Thanks to all of you for a fantastic day!