Monday, October 13, 2008

If It's Monday, This Must Be Manchester

Another beautiful day developed - perfect for road-tripping and geocaching, of course! Altogether we found six caches - two puzzles, three cemeteries and a clock tower. Most of them were in the area of Manchester (Home of the Famous Chicken Broil)!

One was in Chi-Bro, a village park named for the chicken broil - how would you pronounce that? That park had some great playscapes for kids, as you can see.

We had lunch at the Hungry Wolf. It was a really nice shiny new place with kind of a mediocre menu. The food didn't measure up to the really nice facility.

When we got home Dick went to the mall and found these trees that are blooming - in October! Those little blossoms are in for a big surprise!

Back home at Valley Ranch, a hummer and two other big SUVs were parked right in front of our apartment door. It seems that Homeland Security has moved in to the apartment next door - boy, do we ever feel safe!