Monday, November 29, 2010

Heading South

From Marion, Ohio to Statesville, North Carolina - this was a long haul - too many hours in the car!

We finally made it through Ohio, by way of Columbus. Our neighbor, Tom Mc. said he never thought that Dick woud ever go anywhere near Columbus. I told Tom that we kept our eyes shut all the way through.

Then we were in West by God Virginia - beautiful mountain scenery. It was mostly enjoyable, except that in one small town where we stopped for coffee there was a sign on the bridge saying "Only one bus or truck at a time". Doesn't give you a lot of confidence.

Four States today - Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia and North Carolina. In southern Ohio, WV and VA forget about looking for an NPR station. I think most likely the mountains make for bad recepton anyway. North Carolina has lots of NPR.

We stopped for lunch north of Beckley in West Virginia at a Biscuit House, which is a chain of little restaurants in the area. I had a sausage biscuit with egg on the biggest biscuit ever. I may never eat another biscuit in this lifetime!

Across the street from the Biscuit House is the Omelet Shoppe - shades of T.C. !

On the way to Virginia the highway takes you through two long, long, magnificent tunnels. As you exit the second tunnel, the East River Mountain Tunnel, you're suddenly in Virginia.

Observation: In WV and VA the locals speak with a definite southern accent - very noticeable. In North Carolina, not so much. The service people that we met up with sounded just like us.