Monday, June 15, 2009

Trekking Traverse Trails

"Trekking Traverse Trails" - new cache series by Basswood Bend!

It will be spectacular - I know because I have watched its creation.

Trails have been hiked,

lock'n'locks have been covered with camo tape,

coordinates have been recorded,

permission has been granted to display the brochures in the Visitor Center,

brochures and stickers have been designed and ordered,

permission was granted by the Visitor Center to use their logo on the brochures and the pathtags,

pathtags have been designed and ordered,

sleep has been interrupted by new ideas,

caches have been placed,

and so on and so on.

If you're a cacher, you will love it! Each find earns you a smilie, and if you collect all ten stickers and place them in your brochure, you will get a pathtag.

We're hoping it won't be too many more days before Trekking Traverse Trails will be published.