Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Roosevelt Bridge/Roosevelt Cafe

Laurie dropped Tom off at our condo this morning. For their morning constitutional, Tom and Dick walked over the Roosevelt Bridge. It was an uneventful outing - except they did have to wait for the drawbridge on the way back. When Laurie came back, we opted to go to lunch at Splash down the way - but it was closed! So we had lunch at the Roosevelt Cafe, close to the bridge and right next door to the Park Ave. Grill. We were the only customers for most of lunch - the food was really good. After lunch, Laurie and Tom helped me upgrade my iPhone to 5 so now, if I'm on wi-fi, I can text Tom free while he's in Australia and China. Yaay! Chip cooked us hamburgers for dinner - very yummy - and then we all watched the first half of Social Network.