Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ambulance in the A.M.

Woke up to flashing lights and heavy engine noises across the street here on Loch Lane  (6:30 a.m.)  An ambulance and a fire truck, no sirens.  Couldn't tell what was happening.  We went outside to investigate - seems to be the husband in the ambulance and his wife preparing to follow in her car.  Not a good way for anyone to start their day!

Late lunch at TooJays.  Before the food arrived, Dylan texted that it was raining at South Fork and tennis was called off.  Chip left to go pick him up.  The food was good.  They boxed up Chip's order, and Laurie got some soup to go for Dylan.

Back at Laurie's we watched Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  Then Laurie, Dylan and I got an achievement and a really nice staff on WoW.  So much fun.

Off to Publix to buy beverages for Cachepalooza this weekend, to the bank for cash, and back to Loch Lane to watch Michigan play Minnesota.  Our team has to start a new winning streak tonight.  Go Blue.