Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Last Day

After the geezer workout, we went to McDonald's for beverages as we always do, and guess what? McDonald's was gone - totally leveled! We've been going there every M-W-F, so it was quite a shock! We got beverages over on Carpenter Road, and then went to say goodbye to Belleville.

The first stop was on David Street - our poor house is a little down-at-heel.

Dick had it landscaped so beautifully! I guess when things got overgrown, they just tore them out and didn't replace any plantings. Tom and Jana were born while we lived in this house. We lived there from 1962 until 1971.

Then, for old times sake, we ate breakfast at The Red Apple. It has not changed. Our bill was $11 for two - just like old times.

Here's our house on Haggerty Road. I think it looks really nice. I love the color - although I liked our yellow also.

We lived here from Christmas 1970 until June of 1991. Most of us, when we have dreams of a house, this is the house we dream of. We were here through all the trauma of teen-agers - Laurie graduated from BHS in 1979, Tom in 1982, and Jana in 1984. Laurie graduated from the University of Michigan in 1983, Tom graduated from MIT in 1986, and Jana graduated from Michigan in
1989. Whew! That was some decade, the eighties!

We had a barn and a barnyard, which we never really used for anything - and here's the house thst now sits in our old barnyard!

Since it was our last night in AA, we invited Bill and Jan to come over for Japanese at Godaiko - it was a great meal with wonderful company. We'll see them later in the month.