Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Go West, Old Folks!

Tomorrow we're flying to Las Vegas for a two week Western adventure. We're not really doing the Vegas thing - we'e doing the Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and Utah thing. The goal is to find a geocache in every State and we need these 5 States. After this, the only one left is Hawaii, and we're looking at next Spring for that.

When the geocaching is finished, we plan to fly to San Diego to stay with Tom and see his new kitchen! Also while we're out there, we'll be going to Jacob's Bar Mitzvah, and event not to be missed! Just think - we used to call him Jakie Bare Nakie ! Maybe I shouldn't remind him of that...

Monday after the Bar Mitzvah (Memorial Day) I hear that there's a BBQ at Kevin and Amy's new house! It will be exciting to see Maya - oh yes, and the new house!

This is kind of a bad time to leave Northern Michigan - blossom time! Things are so beautiful around here that in a way I hate to leave - but just try to talk me out of it!

"All my bags are packed, I'm ready to go...leaving on a jet plane.."