Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lion Country Safari

Jana has to leave tomorrow, so today she wanted to do something special that she's never done before!  We chose Lion Country Safari, which is always a treat even if you have been there before.

It was the perfect day for an outing - cool, clear, sunny- perfect, as I said.
Great for picture taking, too.  We drove through at a very slow pace and had terrific views of most of the big animals. Afterwards, we stopped to eat at Bru's Room Bar and Grill in Royal West Palm Beach - they do a wicked salad!

This is one of a pair of lions guarding the front gate.  He reminded me of Aslan in the Chronicles of Narnia.

Lions are very sleepy in the daytime.  The CD guide we were listening to said they sometimes sleep for 20 hours per day.

A wildebeest, or gnu.  We thought he looked like a grumpy old man.

Mom and baby white rhino

Horses in striped pajamas

Zoo buddies

Yard ornament

Giraffe - sweet close-up


One lion did get up and walk around - she flopped right back down in the shade.