Thursday, April 05, 2007

GenFest FutureScope

We went to the gym for an hour, then to the Omelette Shoppe to get my bowl of oatmeal - it was yummy. Then home to shower and prepare for my appointment with a new Doctor I was referred to by Dr. Burke. We hitched up the dogs to the sled and made our way back into town on the treacherous roads. The appointment went well - it's always good to know that your problem can be fixed with a tube of ointment!

We had plenty of time to discuss this year's GenFest. It will be on July 21st, 2007. Because of my reduced capabilities, we want to scale the picnic back a bit by inviting folks to come after lunch - maybe around 2 p.m. - and having just one meal to serve - maybe around 5 or 6 p.m. This year we going to ask everybody to bring their favorite yard game to set up for us all to play at random, with no scheduling or anything. We'll have volleyball, canoes, tubes and kayaks as always. We want to also have a professional photographer there for a while to take family pictures - for example - a group picture of everybody, a picture of Dick's whole family, and then a picture of Laurie's whole family, of course doing the same for Doug's, and Lue's. This is kind of my baby, so I hope I can find a great photographer, and I hope everybody will be as excited as I am.

Looking ahead to the future of GenFest, we're thinking about copying what the Kanitz family does every year for their reunion. That is, having a different branch of the family plan the picnic each year. So our family would do this year, Doug's family (Sue, Dave, Rog) would plan for next year, Lue's family (Barb, Sharon, Mel, Shel, Adam, Kevin, Derek)for the following year and so on. It means that every 3 years a family branch would be responsible for the planning. Our property would always be available for the location, but if somebody wanted a different location that would be fun, too.

So that's what we've been talking about - nothing is etched in stone - it will be interesting to hear reactions!