Monday, April 28, 2008


Clear,crisp spring day - perfect to get outside and do some walking. There was a new cache on part of the TART, so we went to find it. This cache was put out by the WayPoint Kid, and we were the first to find. I walked on the asphalt, and Dick did the woodsy part. We saw ducks in Mitchell Creek, and five tots on a rope from Daycare.

This afternoon Dick saw Dr. Dino, and learned that his troublesome heart valve is good for another 3 to 8 years! That is good news. There may be surgery somewhere in the future.

The wind was out of the north, and the bay was a beautiful bright blue with big waves and lots of whitecaps - what a sight! The marina is beginning to fill up with boats.

Windows Live Writer

Testing 1 2 3 - I'm trying to figure out how Live Writer works - It says I can insert all kinds of things even though it's not on the blogspot site.  I'm not sure I entirely understand how this works, but...might as well try it out.

OK I can insert a picture.  This one is Tom and his biking friends making fun of another arm injury.


A table like this can be
  Not exactly sure what this would be good for...

Map image

Live Writer uses maps from Virtual Earth - you can zoom into any part of the globe.  It seems that they've never heard of Traverse City over there at Virtual Earth!  Looking at this map you would get the impression that the whole of Northern Michigan is uninhabited!

blogger Tags:

Tags can be inserted - not quite sure how this works but I think if you click on the tag, all posts with that subject tag will come up..

Videos can be inserted too, but it's too early in the morning for me to figure that out!

If this works, and actually posts to my blog, it will be great because this is a hassle-free way to add things.  Blogger is a little clunky in comparison.